Black is a neutral color and can be paired with any color clothing. The color black has been associated with elegance, strength, power, sophistication, fear, evil, and death. So you may ask yourself, “ why do people wear a color that can be associated with a vast variety of emotions?” The answer is simple, “to express themselves in their own special way.”

Wearing black, or all black is not subjected to just once race. All races and ethnicities wear the color black. As a matter of fact, black has been known to hide someone’s imperfections they have with their body. In the last, black automatically meant that someone was evil, an atheist, or gothic. Assumptions such as the ones previously mentioned make it hard to decide if the color black should or should not be worn. Black is beautiful, even in clothing.

Have you ever had a black shirt that faded after one to two washes? What if I told you washing with vinegar, cool water, or even throwing salt into your wash load of blacks will help prevent the black from fading. Following these simple steps will prolong the wear of your black clothing and will have you feeling confident in knowing that your black clothing still looks new.

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